The Superpowers–They Are Merging

Darna Filipina SuperheroI’m pleased to announce that fellow science fiction/fantasy blogger, Matt Heckler (aka Android Dreamer), will be contributing his indie ebook reviews to this blog. He’s a very busy and productive blogger with a Doctor Who podcast and such, so he’s decided to scale back on his indie ebook reviews and merge his reviewing superpowers with the Frida Fantastic blog.

Matt writes great candid and detailed reviews, which means you’ll get to know about even more neat indie speculative fiction. He’ll be contributing about 1-2 ebook reviews a month in addition to my weekly ebook reviews.

I started Frida Fantastic as a single author book blog, but I can also see it developing into a multi-author speculative fiction blog. “Frida Fantastic” is an easy name to remember for a single-author book blog, but a bit of an awkward name for a group blog. With the future in mind, expect a blog name change in the next few months. Suggestions are welcome!

Once Matt reviews the indie ebooks on his existing to-review queue, his email address will be added on to this blog’s book submission page, so authors can submit books for possible review to two reviewers in one go. There’s a few interesting changes up ahead, so stay tuned for more SF/F goodness.

By the way, Matt does not look like the woman on the right. I don’t look like her either. She’s a Filipina superhero called Darna. I included her picture because superheroes vaguely make sense with this blog post title, I’m currently typing this post while I’m traveling in the Philippines, and uh… she’s hot.


About Caroline Cryonic

Formerly known as Frida Fantastic. A speculative fiction book blogger from Vancouver, Canada currently living in Quezon City, Philippines.

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  1. Cool :), and great to see. Best to the both of you.

  2. Looking forward to contributing. Thanks for the support, Simon.

  3. Yay! Congrats to both of you! I can’t wait to see what other changes you have in store!

    That superhero looks kind of like Wonder Woman and Hermes had a Filipina daughter!

  4. Also, did you know that your RSS feed is truncated? Meaning I have to click through from Google Reader to read past the first few sentences. I know a lot of bloggers do this on purpose to increase recorded traffic, but usually it means I just don’t read the whole post.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

    @Sift/Sarah: Darna does resemble Wonder Woman and her headdress seems Hermes-like. She’s been around for a while though, since 1947. I’m completely sure her creator was inspired by Superman, but I have no idea if he was aware of Wonder Woman at the time.

    Thanks for letting me know about the RSS feed. I changed it to not-truncated, so let me know if that’s showing up properly. I use Netvibes, so I haven’t given much thought to how the feeds show up on readers and stuff. Thanks again!

  6. Sounds like a great idea. Then you can review even *more* of our indie books on your site. 😉

    But I think you should keep the name and force Matt to go by Frida too. He can say it’s his middle name…

  7. Congrats on the merger! Sounds like a great move, and very beneficial to both parties!

    I also think you should keep the name. He can be Frida and you can be Fantastic. Or vice versa. 😀

  8. @Lindsay and Grace:

    Hah! I *think* Frida Fantastic is catchy, and right now it’ll be me and Matt, but I want it to be open to more regular reviewers/bloggers in the future. So I’m thinking of changing the blog name to go beyond “single author book blog” to more like “speculative fiction blog”. While the core content of this blog is indie ebook reviews, it could expand into doing other kinds of posts about speculative fiction media. While that’s not likely going to happen in the next few months, I want to leave it open for the future 🙂

  9. Fiction Fantastic / Future Fantastic? To keep the alliteration, be close enough to the current name that it’s roots are clear, but remove your name from the blog name so it can be a group blog.

  10. @Verity: The Future Fantastic is pretty cool, but too close to a fellow indie SF/F review blog called The Future Fire ( The blog name I’m currently considering has no alliteration and nothing to do with the current name. I think the roots can be covered in a quick mention in an “about” page, and I’ll be publishing my blog entries as Frida Fantastic. The content is going to be the same in the near future, and heck, I’m keeping the same blog theme, so the blog should be easily recognizable to blog readers.

  11. Matt is a great guy and does a great job with his reviews. Looking forward to having everything in one place!

  12. Off-topic, but will you still be in the Philippines in September? We’re holding a ReaderCon at the SM Mall of Asia, and some local SF/F writers will be there. 🙂

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